Friday, August 14, 2015

Twas the Day Before Kindergarten....

I knew that I wanted to make the last day of summer for Caleb special! When we woke up that morning I told him that he got to pick what he wanted to do.  Other than  pre planned well check, he planned the entire day. 

We went by his school and prayed for the upcoming school year.  Caleb's biggest prayer was that they finish laying the mulch on the playground. 

We went to the park beside our gym, and then headed to the pool once it opened.  Unfortunately it was a little chilly, so swimming  did not last very long.  We ate lunch poolside and then played on the playground a little longer.

We went for his well check and he was 45 lbs and 45 inches.  50% for both.  He was cracking me up when they were asking him questions about shapes/which line is bigger/colors. He just had this look of "are you really asking me this? this is so easy".  I couldn't help but laugh!

After his well check we went for dinner and ice cream at a local dairy bar.  The food was delicious and the company was even better!

We then ran by Wal Mart to finish school shopping, and he picked out some shirts that he wanted.  I love watching his style take flight. 

After baths we snuggled in bed and read some books about Kindergarten.  We prayed for the day ahead, and talked about making kind and wise choices.  I then kissed him goodnight, went to the deck, and drank alone while watching old baby videos and crying...for hours.  This growing up stuff is hard on mommy!!!

No better words could ever describe my feelings......


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