Saturday, July 11, 2015


We traveled to a family farm in Virginia this past week to visit my dad and step mom.  We all had a great time, and we are looking forward to going back soon. 

When we arrived Mckinlee was surprised to enter every little girls dream bedroom.  She LOVED it!

I don't remember the exact order of days, but we participated in lots of fun activities while there.  I do not have photos of the actual fourth of July, but we spent it in the pool at the farm.  We ate yummy food, swam, relaxed and just enjoyed the day.  

One night we visited the town dock.  The kids had fun rock climbing, eating ice cream, bouncing on the trampoline and visiting the arcade. Before we left I was able to get some decent pictures of all of us!


We were missing a certain little guy for the above picture.  He was busy elsewhere being spoiled rotten.

We finished this night at the drive in watching Inside Out.  Paxton slept the entire time in the car, but the bigs had a lot of fun!

The next day we went to the State Fair.  The beginning of the day was really rainy.  We watched a show indoors where people broke wood and blocks.  Caleb got to go up on stage and break a piece of wood and he loved that. 
We waited out the rain indoors eating junk food. Caleb cracked me up eating his snow cone.  At one point he was so cold that he was shaking. He put on his hoodie, pulled up the hood, and kept eating. #determination. 

That night we were able to score some free wristbands for the carnival, and we rode rides until they closed.  I must say that I am way to old for the rides #sick.
We spent one day just exploring the farm.  We drove around in the truck, my dad let the kids take turns driving, we hiked, we looked at cows, we climbed deer stands.....etc.  I love days like that.  It reminded me of childhood. 

Mckinlee really liked the car with "no toppin". 

We celebrated my dads birthday.  Mckinlee picked out all the decorations and decorated the cake.  I love the upside down Y's so very much. 

Our final day we had the best weather of our trip.  We spent it at the lake on the beach.  Unfortunately we only got to spend a half day on the beach before heading home, but it was a great time!


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