Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Magic Kingdom Day 2 and Animal Kingdom

We headed to Ohana at the Polynesian to eat breakfast before heading to the park.  The food was amazing, and was served family style, so there was more than enough.  The characters at this breakfast were Mickey, Donald and Lilo and Stich.  They were very interactive, and fun, and the kids laughed at them a lot.  They also have a parade with the kids, and Mckinlee got to hold Stich's hand during it.  Caleb would not participate but he was laughing at it all. 

The second day at Magic Kingdom was a lot less crowded, and less hectic.  We were able to finish everything on our list except for Tom Sawyers Island (it closes at Dusk), and Be Our Guest restaurant.  No space opened up for lunch and I was super bummed.  The cast members told me that you can fast pass this lunch, so on our next trip we will definitely do so. 

We did Enchanted Story Time with Belle, so even though we did not get to eat with her, we did get to meet her.  I loved this story time show.  It was interactive, and the kids were cast as different characters to re create the story of Belle and the Beast.  At the end the kids were able to take a picture with Belle.  Caleb did not want to have his photo taken, and Kinlee's came out blurry, but it was a great time. 

We also tried DoleWhip that day, and I must admit I was not impressed.  Disney fail for me.  I also lost my iphone while at the park, and did not realize it was missing for over an hour.  Thankfully a Disney Cast member had saved it, and she returned it to us when we turned on the "find my iphone setting".  PTL!

We ate lunch at Pinocchios overlooking Its a Small World.  I remember eating there as a child. We were able to get a seat right beside the windows, and the kids loved watching the people load the boats.  The food was great.  I was never disappointed with any meals quality. 

We finished off the night watch Elsa light the castle.  Talk about magical! It was amazing!! I think I even ooed and ahhed!

Our last day was spent at Animal Kingdom.  Though it was a fun day, I do not think I would go there again.  There just isn't a lot to do. 

Attractions that are a must do if you go
  • The Safari ride! Amazing!!!
  • Dinosaur (child swap needed due to height requirement)
  • Everest (child swap).  (Dark, and goes backwards) Caleb was NOT a fan!
  • The Lion King Show
  • Snacks-Their fruit was AMAZING!
  • There is also a character meal there with Mickey, Goofy, Donald and Daisy- we did not go to it though.
  • If you have young kids allow them to get the Wilderness Explorers book, and stop at the different stations for them to get stickers.  My kids loved this.
We ended our day on the raft ride (I can not remember the name).  Kinlee was tall enough to ride so she was so excited.  ( there is very littler for small children to ride at this park).  We all got soaked! Caleb did not like that he got wet at all! Kinlee on the other hand was playing in the fountains afterward.  It was a little chilly for that so I got them changed and we headed back to the hotel.

Disney was great! We finished off our trip playing at the arcade at our hotel, and the kids and Nick swam. 


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