Wednesday, December 10, 2014


We finished off our vacation in Daytona visiting family.  Nick's uncle manages a beach property there, and the owners were gracious enough to allow our family to stay for a few days.  It was an amazing house/condo complex with a pool, and beach access.  We had  great time. 

We spent lots of time on the beach.  Paxton army crawled all the way from our beach set up to the ocean one day.  It was so cute. Slow and steady, but he was determined to make it to the water.  Once he did he cried because it was cold, but it was so cute.  The men built their usual large sand structure, and the kids had fun playing on it. 

Caleb had a blast play 3 dimensional tic tac toe, and he was really really good at it. 

We went on walks on the beach, relaxed, and soaked in the last few days of vacation. 

It was a great trip. 


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