Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ninja Turtle Bash

To say that Caleb is currently obsessed with ninja turtles would be an understatement.  I mean I thought his love for Lightning McQueen was huge, but it was nothing compared to his love for those 4 turtles.  Naturally, he picked a Ninja Turtle Theme for his birthday.

Now I need to take a moment and admit that I love decorating and throwing a perfectly planned and coordinated party.   I use to laugh and swear that my kids would never have character plates, napkins, and uncoordinated decorations.  Now, I simply laugh at the fact that I ever said that.  Sure I enjoy planning an our of the box party, and I love finding creative ways to decorate and make it one of a time.  However, the reality is my now 4 year old likes the generic characters.  He wants the plates, the banners, the cups, the cheesy party favors.  That is what makes him happy.  I have come to the realization that has my children grow older, they are going to have more opinions about how they want their parties, and though I enjoy decorating out of the box, it may not be what they want.  So, with that being said we threw a cheesy, turtle bash, and Caleb loved it.  We had balloons hanging on the deck with the 4 ninja turtle colors, turtle colored cupcakes with ninja turtle toppers, and lots and lots of ninja turtle plates/napkins.  It was of course an outdoor bash, and the kids seemed to have a blast.  I did not stress before the party at all, and I really could have cared less how the decor came out, which is huge for me.  All I wanted was for my little man to be happy, and happy he was.


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