Friday, August 2, 2013


I can't believe it is already August!! This summer has literally flown.  I feel like it took forever for the weather to work itself out, and now it is already almost over!!! August also means that my sweet baby is turning 2 days!!! I can't even wrap my mind around this.  We are having a small party this year on his actual birthday.  Ninja turtle forewarned, it will not be overly cute...he picked out all his decor. He is happy, and I am not stressing so that is really all that matters.

I know I have been such a slacker in terms of blogging...once again.  We have had a whole lot going on, and I will eventually fill in the blanks on this ole blog of mine.  I don't feel like trying to play catch up.  All our days look the same anyway.  We have either spent our time in the pool, outside, or laying around watching tv indoors. The weather this week has been weird.  It feels good, but it is not hot enough to go swimming....crazy for the beginning of August.

Yesterday we had a fun day playing outside.  The kids painted. Mckinlee really enjoyed painting anything besides the paper.  Caleb entertained himself playing ninja turtles, soccer, and pretending like he was going to work.


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The Rogers Family said...

so precious! I love the paint all over...wish I had the courage to allow mine to do do such awesome stuff with your kiddos!