Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Caleb 4 Years


I will begin this yearly post the same way that I always do, but the words have the same power as they always have, and always will.  I literally can not believe that you are 4.  FOUR.  That is so big.  It was an age that seemed moons away when I first brought you home from the hospital.  An age that seemed so big as I rocked you as a little man to sleep.  An age, that I can not believe we have already reached.  There is a saying "The days are long, but the years are fast".....that is so true.  You see I have had many a long day of watching you grow.  Many a day where time seemed to stand still, but in reality it is so fleeting.  You have transformed from a baby to a very intelligent, kind, wild young boy before my very eyes, and yet I long to hold onto any piece of baby that still remains in you.

There is still some baby there.  You remind me of yourself as a baby when you hurt yourself, and still need me to hold you, place my face against yours and tell you that you are fine.  When you wrap your arms around my neck at night, and tell me that you will miss me while you sleep.  When you need just one more snuggle.  When you still have your random tantrums. However, the truth is, there is way more little boy than baby left, and although that hurts, I love it all the same.

You are an amazing amazing boy.  You are so logical.  So incredibly logical.  You ask questions that no child of your age, should even semi understand.  I am praying God uses that logical mind one day for his glory.  You are wild, and carefree, and peaceful all in unison.  You can constantly be seen with a weapon in hand, and are often heading off to fight a bad guy to protect us.  You currently have me participate in a imaginary world of ninja turtles from the moment you wake up, until you lay your head down at night. You are a great friend.  You love your friends with all your heart.  You are equally an amazing big brother.  Kinlee is very lucky to have you in her life.  Your memory is insane.  You remember stuff from when you had just turned 2, and the strangest little things remain embedded in your memory.  You still to this day talk about a little girl you played with at the pool in FL for all of 5 minutes...MoMo was her name.  You often bring her up, and pray for her.  It cracks me up.  You are so excited to be a big brother again.  You are longing for a baby brother.  You always ask me to feel my tummy, love to look at pictures of how big the baby is at this point of pregnancy etc. I love that you are so involved, and really seem to get it this time around.  You will be great with him/her.  You are very opinionated about names for your baby, but that is a post in and of itself.

I could go on and on about who you are at four.  However, to sum it up, you are smart, kind, loving, hilarious, and perfect.  You are one of my greatest blessings.  You will always be the person who taught me what love really is.  You will always be my sweet boy.  As we enter this very last year of your toddler hood (tear), I look forward to experiencing life with you, and all that it may bring.

Happy Birthday Monk, You truly are my perfect angel.


4 Year Survey

favorite food: ceral
favorite sport: soccer
favorite show: Chugginton, and Ninja Turtles 
favorite thing at school: eat lunch
I you could go on an airplane anywhere, where would you go: "I would walk to the airport, and the plane would bring me back to my house"
favorite color: green, blue
when you grow up what are you going to be: a daddy
favorite song: Ring around the Rosie
favorite book: The Cat in the Hat
3 words that describe you: Caleb, I live in a house
When you were little, you used to: cry, play, didn't talk or walk when I was zero. 
Favorite time of year: Winter when it snows
Favorite snack: grahmn crackers
Yuckiest food: I'll think about it
My best friend at school: Jonah and Gabriel
Other friends at school: Reagan and Sophoe
Places I want to go: Green truck park, other parks 
People I miss: Gabriel, Reagan, Jonah, Hudson, Ethan, Presley, friends I met at the condo and at Disney World.  My family. 
Favorite pets: Kitty's and Bella
Teachers: Jennifer and Candice when I was three
Who do you want to marry: Presely
How many kids do you want: 10 girls 11 boys
Favorite thing about Kinlee: When she plays and talks silly
Favorite thing about Daddy: When he doesn't have to work
Favorite thing about Mommy: When she lets me sleep in bed with her 
Favorite thing about yourself: Playing t-ball 


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