Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Final Vacation Post

I have almost documented all that I wanted to remember from our vacation, and the blog will return to present time shortly.

The later half of our vacation we spent visiting family.  We traveled to Daytona and spent some time with Nick's Uncle's family.  They have two young kids, and a very fun back yard, so our kids were in heaven.  Mckinlee was obsessed with "Gonny (aka Johnny)".  We spent most of our time playing on the beach.  Going to the beach with Uncle Rick is always an adventure.  The kids learned how to catch sand fleas, built huge castles and moats, and played football.  Mckinlee still took the time to nap in her stroller....the girl knows how to relax on the beach.

We then headed back to Jacksonville and visited with Nick's Grandparents, and his other uncles family.  The kids were able to swim with their cousins, and seemed to have a really good time. Caleb even treaded water there without his swimmie. While we were there we were able to see Nick's cousin Chase.  He is from California, and we had not seen him since our wedding.  We took an extra beach day to spend time with him.

It was a great vacation, and I was sad to leave it in.  I am 1/2 determined to move to Florida, so I can go to the beach any time I please.


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