Friday, November 21, 2014

Vacation 2014

We just got back from a 2 week vacation to Florida, and it was amazing! Unfortunately, we had to leave the heat and palm trees, and return back to a cold reality of snow, and freezing temperatures. My bones are still cold due to this.  We had such a great time, and I want to make sure I document our memories before I forget (Lord knows I have been forgetful lately).

We decided to drive once again, because quite frankly flying a family of five, and all of our stuff would have cost a million dollars.  We generally drive at night when we know the kids will be sleeping, but this trip we decided to drive during the day and break the trip up.  We left early Wednesday and drove 7 hours to Atlanta to visit with Nick's cousin and aunt.  Paxton was a horrible traveler.  He cried more often than not, and I was getting my work out in twisting back and forth trying to console him.  We had a nice time visiting with Nick's Atlanta family, and slept well.  The next morning we said our good byes and headed to visit Nick's grandparents in Florida.

We had a nice visit with the grandparents. This was their first time meeting Paxton, and he was cute and sweet for them.  The kids had fun listening to their bedtime stories about Gurty the Gull, and A whale whose name I can not remember.  It was so cute when grandma was telling the whale story.  Caleb was all into it, and she said that the whale dove deep into the ocean, and suddenly he felt something grab him....Caleb immediately yelled (A giant squid!).  We all started laughing because it was quite hilarious that he knows that much about a giant squid. 

While we were there we attended a fall festival at the local elementary school.  The kids had a blast playing the games, racing on the inflatables etc.  We then enjoyed a nice dinner out, where Caleb tried crab legs for the first time (after being bribed by grandma).  He ended up liking them.

It was a great visit.  Next up for us was Disney World. 

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