Sunday, November 23, 2014

Downtown Disney

We arrived at Disney on Sunday.  We had a reservation at T Rex café at 3pm, and my plan was for us to freshen up in the hotel before departure. However, once we arrived at the hotel we were informed that our room was not yet ready, so we changed and got ready in our car.....

I'm going to take a moment and pause and speak on accommodations this trip.  This time we decided to save a bit of money and stay at one of Disney's budget friendly resorts. We chose the All Star Sports.  Over all the rooms were clean, the food was good, and the resort was nice.  However, I feel as though it was missing a little of that Disney magic that you find at the more expensive resorts.  We were spoiled by staying at the Boardwalk previously.  Upon arrival there your bags were taken from your car by the cast members, and promptly delivered to your room.  At the budget resort, our room was not ready upon arrival, Nick helped unpack our car that night, and it took them over an hour to bring our bags to our room.  Another con of staying at a budget resort was the bus lines.  They were so so long.  So long in fact that we ended up driving to the Magic Kingdom, and walking into the parks to avoid them..... (more on that later).  All this to say, that if we had to plan over again, we would have paid an extra 500.00 for a more expensive hotel. 

Anyway, back to Downtown Disney.  Upon arrival we headed to our dinner reservation.  We had dined at the T Rex café before, but the kids did not remember it, so it was all brand new again.  They loved it, we received more food than we could ever eat, and we had a great time.  (PS the Disney Dining Plan is the only way to go! We happened to be staying at a time when the dining plan was free). 

After dinner, we explored Downtown some.  The biggest hit was the Lego Store, and the Lego race cars.  Caleb had a blast building and racing his own car.  Kinlee had fun riding the train, seeing the Frozen décor, and loved receiving her crown from daddy to make her a real Princess.  Caleb made a Star Wars lightsaber and was in heaven.  Paxton passed the time looking around, smiling, and sleeping :). 

Once we arrived back to the resort, we waited for our bags, got the kids bathed, and in bed, and I packed our bags for the next morning.  Hollywood Studios post to come.


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