Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Big Changes

Today is moving day round 1 for our little family.  I was reading back on my blog the other day, and realized that when I was pregnant with Caleb we moved when I was 31 weeks.  I am currently 33 weeks. Why I do this to myself I do not know, but at least I can get out of carrying anything heavy....(who am I kidding I wouldn't carry heavy stuff even if I was not pregnant).  After a little over a year of living with the in laws, and dealing with the ups and downs of trying to buy a home, we have decided to rent again for a year. It wasn't our initial plan when we began this journey, but it makes the most sense for our family at this time.  We are going to re-evaluate where we stand in terms of loans in a year, and possibly buy then.  However, for now we have found a great rental that is only 3 minutes from the kids school!!! Can I get a hallelujah praise Jesus.  I will not miss the 30 minute commute to school at all.  I am eternally grateful for my in laws and for my dad for helping us throughout this year of chaos, we don't know what we would do without them.  However, I am very excited to get back in our own home, and make some sweet new memories with the kids.  The huge task of trying to get everything organized before Paxton arrives is weighing heavy on my shoulders, but I know it will be fine.

In other news we had our maternity pics taken on Saturday.  I got the snow I longed for, and I froze my butt off.  However, our photographer has posted 2 sneaks, so it looks like my freezing paid off.  Everyone else was very bundled, and the kids only participated for about 10 minutes, but it looks like we got some great shots. I am dying to see the rest!! If you are local IC Photography is a great choice!


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Tammy said...

So exciting!! I bet you will be thrilled to have your own place again. Just a few more weeks to go -- hope you're feeling well!! Happy New Year to you & Your fam...we GOTTA get together for real!!