Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fall Finale

I keep telling myself that these "make up" posts will soon become a thing of the past. After each one I write, I vow to "keep up" with the blog....but then life happens...weeks pass, and I have a buffet of moments to catch up on.  So, we will call this one the Fall Finale...even though it is's all good.  Better late than never right?

Lets see topic number 1.....Our Leaf Pile.

Hubby built a large leaf pile as promised.  We don't go small in this house. He pulls out the leaf blower, goes deep in the the woods, and makes a huge pile for us to enjoy.  To say the kids loved it would be an understatement.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Topic number 2.....Caleb's Thanksgiving Performance

Caleb had his preschool Thanksgiving performance and lunch this past week. He was a little less shy than last year when it came to performing. He did all his hand motions but did not sing.  He was still adorable.  Lucky for us, we were able to hear his songs at home, and let me tell you, watching him sing about the plump turkey, and singing out Jesus Loves Me with motions, melted my heart.  I just love that boy.  I asked him where he wanted us to sit of the performance, and he said "in the chairs you sat in when I was three,  you know, when I didn't sing" :).  There is a little girl in his class that is a PERFORMER.  She was breaking it down. Caleb sits next to her at lunch every school day, and she sings all throughout lunch.  I asked him if she did that every day, and he said in a very man voice..."I don't even care anymore..." HAHA.  The lunch was a good time, and Caleb had fun playing with his friends.  He had a fall at the end that scared me to death, but after a few tears he was fine.  

We picked up his thanksgiving art, and the teachers had him fill out leaves stating what he was thankful for...his answers 
  • Landon
  • family and friends
  • iron man mask
  • house and car
The only family shot we got......I need to work on making pictures a priority. 

Topic 3 Nick's Fall

Yesterday, took a turn towards horror around 3:30.  My father in law received a call that Nick had fallen from a ladder, and was not able to move.  I immediately jumped up, threw on a sweatshirt, and boots with no socks, and left with my father in law for the er.  Once we got there we had to wait about 15 minutes until we could get back to see frustrating.  Once we arrived in the room, he was moving, out of the neck brace the EMT's had placed on him, and trying to get his coveralls off. He kept saying "I hurt", and the left side of his face as covered in blood.  I helped him get his wet clothes off, and the doctor had an x-ray and a ct scan done on him.  Thank God both came back clear.  In fact, he fell 16 ft off a ladder, landed on the ladder, dented the ladder with his knee, and somehow walked away with only 7 stitches in his face, a slight concussion, and some bruising/scrapes.  I still don't think I have processed how bad it could have ended up,  but I am so thankful that God kept him safe.  He has been sore today, and has been taking it easy at home.

He fell from the roof line.....

So so thankful he is safe

Topic 4...Random

Mckinlee has a thing for blue eyed boys, with curly brown hair.. ...She told me that she "needed to see Hudson so she could kiss and hug him, because he's my boyfriend"....SHES TWO.

I passed my glucose test, and Mr. Paxton is doing great.  We are currently 27 weeks along, he is moving all the time, and my belly is starting to grow.  So far I have gained 11 lbs.  

This is the most recent belly pic I have. This was taken at 25 weeks. 

The kids and I partnered with another family to donate a Thanksgiving dinner for our church food drive.  I wanted to teach the children the importance of giving and being thankful, so I took them both to the grocery....this never happens.  They both wanted to wear super hero costumes, so I told them that our super power was "fighting hunger", and that we were going to buy food for the people who didn't have food.  They were totally into participating until 1/2 way through the trip, then they decided they no longer wanted to push their cart.  I placed all their items in my cart, and then they decided they were hungry and tired.  I ended up pushing an extremely full cart of groceries, along with 60 lbs worth of children.....That is a moment a stay at home mom should get paid for! 

 I think that about catches us up for now.  Stay tuned for what is sure to be another catch up post :).


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