Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mckinlee 16 Months

My sweet girl your 16 month bday took me off guard this month. In fact I did not even realize you had turned 16 months until 2 days later. Slacker mama. You have such a personality at this age. You are lovey, feisty, bossy, spoiled, cuddly and funny all rolled into one. You definitely keep us on our toes.

Mckinlee at 16 Months

Eating: You still eat everything! You are always going to the panty, opening the door and pulling something out. Breakfast and lunch are your big meals, dinner is so so. You prefer to play in my plate at dinner. You are still drinking soy milk.

Sleeping: You nap from 1-3 daily and go to bed between 8 and 9 and sleep until 8/8:30. You fight going to bed when you are teething which is no fun at all.

Size: Still teeny. You are still 18 lbs, and can wear anything from 0-3 months to 18 months. All of your dresses from last year are now shirts, and your pants are now capris. You still have 3-4 bm a day, so I think that is part of what keeps you so skinny :).

Teeth: you still have 6. Your two lower canines look as though they could pop through any day.

Speech: your speech has blown up this month. You talk all the time, and you use almost all your words in context. You have about 25-30
words, and you use about 15-20 of them consistently. Your favorite word is still Bella and you make the cutest face when you say her name. You have also started using the sign for please while saying the word....so cute.

Exciting New Things:
you squeal all the time out of excitement now. so cute. You always squeal while running down the hall when daddy gets home.
You stand on a stool in the bathroom and peak your head over the sink until you can see yourself in the mirror. You then play with my make up brushes and pretend as though you are putting make up on.
You have become very stingy and scream so loud if someone tries to take a toy. We are working on that.
Tantrums are in full swing ugh.
I have to redirect you often to keep you out of trouble.
You love holding your baby dolls, patting their backs, rocking, and prying your finger to your mouth while saying "shh"
You love to help with baby Shelby and you always walk up to her a say "hi". "oh".
You have become very attached to your blanket. You always bring it to me to put over my shoulder, and then you like to cuddle up on my chest and lay your head on it.
I put you to bed the other night and when I started to leave your room you waved and said "bye bye" haha
Your hair is getting more and more blonde and curly.
You always want me to carry you around, and will get mad if I do not take you where you wanna go. We always play a guessing game of me saying "do you want to..." and you shaking your head yes or no.
You love to go through the pantry.
You can ride small riding toys like a pro.
You can walk backwards.
you love to spin in a circle.
You still have no fear other than me going into another room without you.
You are still super clingy, and you do not let me get out of your sight often.
You live to play in the dirt.
You always grab shoes out of your closet, lay flat on your back for me to put them on while saying "shoe on" or "shoe eet". You then walk over to your bows, pat your head and say bow please. Diva!!
you love to brush your teeth.
you love to flip through books. You'll say "ead please", but you will only sit for about 2 pages.

I love you my sweet girl.

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Joeylee said...

she is adorable and I am loving her curly hair!