Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Day on the River

This past Saturday we joined up with Nick's mother's family for a day out on the river. His aunt and Uncle own a house boat, and they had family aboard to celebrate fathers day. His 89 year old grandpa (who gets around like he is 60) was the "dad" of the hour, and everyone was so happy he was there.

This was Mckinlee's first boat ride, and Caleb's second. Caleb was so excited He loved sitting up top and watching Bill drive the boat.

We parked for a while and had lunch, swam and rode jet ski's. Caleb rose a jet ski for the first time with Nick and I and he loved it. He was a little timid like me though, and did not want to go super fast.

My two children both fell fast asleep on the boat ride back to the dock! It as such a fun day!

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Katrina said...

Looks like fun, and cute pictures! Where did you get that arm floatie thing with the chest piece? I need one for Jack! We are going to the lake this weekend...