Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall So Far

I'm back.  Once again trying to play catch up.  Life has been super busy lately. Nick has been working long hours, and some weekends, Caleb has been in school, pregnancy etc etc....just busy.  Today has been a low key, pajama day at home, and sometimes you just need those days.  I have been preparing for a yard sale and that preparation has put me into nesting mode.  I have been filling my "free time" organizing our fall wardrobes, cleaning, going through old baby clothes, and washing baby gear.  I am well aware that I still have 5 more months before baby blue makes his appearance, but I have the itch, so I might as well run with that.

Let me see, what to catch up on......Caleb has been in a super affectionate phase lately.  He literally comes up to me and says "mom, I love you", and then kisses me 50 times a day.  He is doing the same with Mckinlee and Nick.  He always tells Kinlee "Sissy, I love you so much".  (I secretly love this phase, and hope that it never goes away).  I swear I could squeeze that sweet boy to death sometimes. He is also all about the baby.  He loves to put his hand on my belly, and he tells me how much he loves the baby all the time.  His new cute thing he talks about is "the Jesus in his heart".  The first time he brought it up we drove over a railroad track and he said "That bump made that Jesus in my heart tickle my belly".  This morning he was using the stethoscope on Kinlee  and said "Lets see if we can hear that Jesus in your heart Kinlee".  PRECIOUS!

Kinlee is busy being Kinlee.  We have been transitioning her out of her crib, and it has been going okay. Due to our tight living situation at the moment she is sharing Caleb's bed with him.  He has a full size bed, and they prefer to be close to each other, so it has worked out.  Some nights are better than others, but nap time today was a breeze, so that's good.  She has started gymnastics, and I swear the child is a natural.  She is able to do everything pretty darn well.  She really excels at the beams, and any type of upper body activity.  Moms and her teachers brag on her weekly.  I am just happy she enjoys it.  She and I have been bonding while brother is at school.  She is still prissy as ever, dances constantly and puts on a show for anyone who will watch.

A few weekends ago we were able to visit some of my college friends.  It was a great weekend, and the kids seemed to really enjoy each other's company.

They loved this baby girl! 

Birthday buddies.  

I think we have 100% decided on baby blues name......Paxton David.  We kept going back and forth between Paxton or Collins, but Paxton is the winner.


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Mica said...

Love the sweet name! :)